Dear Friends from Europe!

Tarix: 29-4-2015 // saat: 23:53
I have the difficulty with understanding why “Armenian issue” is the problem of Europe. If the question is justice there, why mainly politicans discuss and accept this instead of lawyers and historians? 
I am a historian. I live in this region unlike that European fanatics. It is sufficient to look through archives in order to know about bloody events committed by Armenian armed forces in our regions after Tsar Russia occupied the Azerbaijani lands. Mainly your ancestors supported the events which Armenian terrorists (they were called so in that time) did against Moslems in Caucasus, Iranian Azerbaijan and East Anatolia in 1905-1907 and 1918 (Turks comprise only a part). Your ancestors started World War I and used Armenians in our region  against Ottoman State. The Ottoman stayed in one part and Hnjak and Dashnak Armenian terrorist forces committed massacres in my village. My grandmother and grandfather told their memories of these massacres excitedly. Khojaly genocide happened in 1992  by Armenians and there were committed violences by them. One of culprits of this genocide is president of Armenian Republic. We do not see any challenge towards justice from Europe. 
Dear Friends from Europe! 
Did the people who thought that restored justice by recognizing “Armenian genocide” ever think of offence of spirit of ours and our ancestors by them?  Did they think how they incited hatred? Both Turkey and Azerbaijan were ready to open archives every time mentioned, whereas Armenia avoided this. I regret that in this recognition document it is offered to open the archives. I think that, this must not be offered to Turkey and others, but to Armenians to display the truth. The Armenian people and European politicans abused them for the sake of political benefit.
Dear Friends from Europe! 
You expected from us cultural heritage projects aside from the politics. We stated that we are ready. But it was your community which sacrificed values for the politics.  We are almost ashamed working with you and we are depressed while seeing how you rub out what you yourself written.
We pray for forgiveness of European communities which sacrificed values for the sake of politics and benefits and wish them to have courage to resist against injustice in the future.
Best regards,
Dr. Fariz Khalilli

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